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Porras Participates in TBM Women in Tunneling Discussion

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Moretrench Staff Engineer Laura Porras, a 2015 graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, was recently invited to take part in a discussion on the challenges faced by female engineers in the tunneling industry.  Hosted by Tunnel Business Magazine, the question and answer session featured a cross-section of women in the industry who exchanged views on such topics as increasing diversity in a traditionally male-dominated field, how more female engineers can benefit the industry, and the role of professional organizations in supporting and promoting female engineers.  You can read the transcript of the discussion here.Laura

Moretrench’s Mike McHugh to be Keynote Speaker at The 10th Annual DFI Educational Trust Gala Fundraising Dinner

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McHughphotofromMoretrenchwebsiteMoretrench Executive Vice President Mike McHugh will give the keynote address at The 10th Annual DFI Educational Trust Gala Fundraising Dinner, to be held on Thursday, November 5, 2015 at The Chart House in Weehawken, N.J.  Proceeds from the dinner will benefit three of the DFI Educational Trust’s funds: the Stanley Merjan-CCNY Civil Engineering Scholarship Fund, the Women in Deep Foundations Scholarship Fund, and the DFI Educational Trust General Fund.

Mr. McHugh’s presentation  will be titled “Geotechnical Emergency Responses” and focus on Hurricane Irene, Super Storm Sandy, retaining wall failures on the Henry Hudson Parkway,  and Cannonsville Dam in Yonkers, as well as the post-9/11 structural slurry wall collapse at the World Trade Center.

For more information on the event and registration details, please visit here.


West Point v Bucknell

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West Point alumnus — and Moretrench Vice President — Greg Ziegler recently hosted  a group of Moretrench employees (including several Bucknell graduates) at the Army v Bucknell home game at West Point.  Highlights of the day included a quick tour of West Point and a pre and post-game tailgate party, but for Greg himself the icing on the cake came when a late scoring drive in the 4th quarter saw Army come out on top 21-14.


Ground Freezing Goes Under Cover

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It seems contradictory that equipment designed to freeze the ground should itself need to be protected from the very type of conditions it creates, but Moretrench’s ground freezing plants are just as vulnerable to prolonged exposure to harsh environmental  conditions as any other piece of sophisticated machinery.  With our ground freezing operation  continuing to expand,  bringing with it an accompanying increase in inventory,  adequate storage   has been a priority that was recently met by the purchase of a new facility in Hardyston, New Jersey, 30 minutes north of the Rockaway office.


When not in use on site, all of the company’s 50+ ft-long mobile freeze plants will be housed in the  12,000 SF  warehouse/office location, together with instrumentation, spares, maintenance items, control panels, pumps, tanks and support equipment.   Proper indoor storage will prolong the service life of this specialized equipment, facilitate any necessary maintenance, and enhance inventory control and project mobilization.  John Hansen, Moretrench’s Ground Freezing Equipment Supervisor, will be overseeing the facility.