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    170 Feet Below Columbus

    Posted with permission of Tunnel Business Magazine, August 2014.                                                                                                                                       This cover feature article discusses the grouting program used to aid the sinking of deep shafts through highly variable karst geology for the OSIS Augmentation and Relief Sewer (OARS) project in Columbus, OH.

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    Ground Freezing in a Congested Urban Area

    Geo-Strata, May/June 2014.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     An in-depth look at the design, installation and operation of the ground freezing system used to facilitate mining of the East Side Access Northern Boulevard Crossing in Queens, NY under 55 feet of hydrostatic head.

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    ESA's SEM Challenge

    North American Tunneling Journal, Oct/Nov 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A discussion of the design and construction challenges of the ground freezing program used to ensure problem-free mining of the East Side Access Northern Boulevard Crossing.

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    Keeping it Cool in the Big Apple

    North American Tunneling Journal, Apr/May 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ground freezing for New York City's MTA  Capital Construction subway upgrade program, featuringwork done for the 2nd Avenue and No. 7 Line extensions.

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    Ground Stabilization for Urban Tunneling

    TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine, August 2010
    This feature article explores the geotechnical methods available to facilitate soft ground, mixed face and shallow-cover rock tunneling,  and associated work such as deep access shaft construction, under dense urban conditions.

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    Overcoming the Challenges of New England’s Water & Soil Conditions

    Construction Outlook – A publication of the Utility Contractor’s Association of New England, September 2009
    Profiling the work of Moretrench and its subsidiary Ground/Water Treatment & Technology in the New England Region

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    Soil Nails and Poly-Fiber Shotcrete Support Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Proton Therapy Building Excavation

    Foundation Drilling, The magazine of The International Association of Foundation Drilling, December/January 2010
    This cover feature article describes installation of permanent soil nail earth support in tight, limited-access conditions for construction of an underground addition to one of the nations’ leading academic medical centers.

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    Brightwater’s Ballinger Way Portal Presents Deep Shaft Ground Freezing Challenges

    Tunneling & Underground Construction, June 2009
    A detailed case study of how ground freezing met the challenge of  shaft sinking to 216 feet below grade through a complex and challenging soil profile characterized by multiple groundwater tables.

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    Grouting for Ground Improvement & Water Control

    Trenchless Technology, May 2009
    From straightforward void filling to the complex and challenging protection of historic or sensitive structures during subsurface work, grouting plays an important role in many below-grade construction projects. Read about grouting techniques and their applications to specific subsurface conditions.
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    Innovative Micropile Retrofit of an Existing Structure

    Deep Foundations - The Magazine of the Deep Foundations Institute, Summer2008
    A detailed technical case study of emergency-response micropile retrofit to correct severe settlement of an underground structure that occurred as a result of basal failure.
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    There’s More to Moretrench

    New Jersey Constructor, Summer 2007
    A variety of projects undertaken in New Jersey by Moretrench’s Geotechnical Division are presented, together with an overview of the company.

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    Ground Freezing a Proven Technology in Mine Shaft Sinking

    Tunneling & Underground Construction, June 2007
    This informative article traces the 150-year history of ground freezing, discusses principles and quality control measures, and presents several noteworthy case studies.

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    Ground Freezing and Bracing Keep Tall Manhattan Hotel-Condo on Track

    New York Construction, 2007
    Most engineers and construction teams working in Lower Manhattan are forced to find ways to work around the area’s high water table and the foundation excavation problems it can cause. Read about how an unusual application of ground freezing aided excavation for a deep elevator shaft pit on a tight site.
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    Geotechnical Solutions - An Alternative Approach to Soft Ground Tunneling

    Tunnel Business Magazine, April, 2006
    Soft ground tunneling arguably remains the most challenging of underground construction operations. The wide range of geotechnical methods available to aid soft ground tunneling operations are discussed, together with project examples.

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    Is Tunnel Vision Doing Dewatering a Disservice?

    Tunnel Business Magazine, December, 2005
    Dewatering can have an enormous impact on the success or failure of an underground construction project. Learn more about the misunderstandings associated with dewatering, the value of a properly designed and implemented groundwater control system, design approaches, and a success story in Seattle.

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    Ground Freezing Aids Water Tunnel Construction

    Tunnel Business Magazine, December, 2005
    Construction of New York City Water Tunnel Number 3 represents the largest capital construction project in the city’s history. Read how ground freezing aided the construction of several large-diameter shafts that connect to the tunnel deep within the underlying rock formation.

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