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Go early and catch the atmosphere of the Derby on May 6th before attending the World of Coal Ash conference!

Lexington Convention Center & Hyatt Hotel | May 8-11 | Lexington, Kentucky

The Annual World of Coal Ash conference is a premier event covering all aspects of coal combustible product and storage and this year will feature more than 160 oral presentations and 60 poster sessions.

Mark your event calendar for the following oral and poster presentations by Senior Vice President & Chief Engineer Paul Schmall & Chief Dewatering Engineer Greg Landry:

  • Recent Experience in In Situ Dewatering of Coal Combustible Residuals
  • High Capacity Fly Ash Wellscreen

Visit for conference details.

Moretrench Safety Director Greg Lewis Appointed to new NCCCO Task Force

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Moretrench congratulates Corporate Safety Director Greg  Lewis on being appointed to the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators’ (NCCCO) Foundation Drill Rig Operator Task Force.  The newly created task force is a logical extension of the well-established certification process for crane and pile driver operators, riggers and signal-persons.  Its purpose is to create a nationally recognized certification program specifically for drill rig operators that will be an effective tool in assisting companies to manage the risks involved in the use of foundation drill rigs.

“As of now, there is no certification for foundation drilling,” noted Lewis.  “This is a process I’ve been intimately involved with for the past five years that will further advance the safety of our industry and I am looking forward to seeing it through to completion .“

New Freeze Plant soon to join Moretrench’s Ground Freezing Fleet

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The new freeze plant under assembly.

The new freeze plant under assembly.

Introduced in the early 1970s, mobile freeze plants radically widened the scope of jobs that could be accomplished by ground freezing and allowed this technology to be used in tight, urban environments for the first time.  Moretrench has been in the forefront of North America’s ground freezing field for more than 30 years.  As the call for this technique on complex underground projects continues to increase, we expand our capability accordingly to meet demand across a growing demographic area.

Our ground freezing division is getting ready to take delivery of a new plant, the third to be built for us by Toronto-based Cimco (Canadian Ice Machine Company).  The fully enclosed plants are built on 53-ft long galvanized trailers to resist brine corrosion and house the compressor, heat exchanger, condenser and all other components required to do the job.  Ammonia is the refrigerant used in the closed loop plant that chills the brine that circulates through the installed freeze pipes to freeze the ground.

We’ve mobilized our plants for work from Washington D.C to Seattle, north to Canada, and as far south as Buenos Aries, Argentina.   To learn more about our ground freezing projects, see our Services section.

Vancouver’s Port Mann Tunnel Finally Goes into Service with Help from Moretrench’s Ground Freezing Expertise

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Port Mann, Fraser River, Moretrench, Canada

“What they did was really quite unique” City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussato.

As reported by the Vancouver Sun, Metro Vancouver’s new 3,280-ft long Port Mann Mater main finally went into service in late February after long delays resulting from a mid-bore breakdown of the TBM deep below the riverbed. With all other possible approaches ultimately ruled out due to environmental issues, Moretrench was called in to develop a ground freezing plan to isolate the cutter head from the high surrounding earth and hydrostatic pressures and allow access to the chamber behind the cutter head for repairs.  After just 12 days of freezing, the repairs were able to able to take place and tunneling resumed.

Read the Sun’s news write-up here and see a full description of Moretrench’s work here.

ESOP Brings Rutgers to Moretrench

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Moretrench, ESOP, Employee Ownership

Recently, Moretrench hosted several representatives from Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations who are currently involved in producing a video that will include a section on employee ownership, a particular area of expertise for the University. As Moretrench has been 100% employee owned since 1999, we were more than happy for them to come and see an ESOP company in action. President and CEO Art Corwin, and Staff Engineer Johnna Emanuel participated in the video, contributing their thoughts and experiences from senior management and young engineer perspectives.

Colorado School of Mines Annual Underground Grouting and Ground Improvement Short Course

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Moretrench, Colorado School of Mines, Annual Short Course








This premier 5-day short course covers grouting methods; ground freezing for shafts, tunnels and cross passages; and construction dewatering systems. More than 35 presentations are scheduled covering engineering, equipment, materials and methods, plus off-campus field and on-campus laboratory demonstrations, all by internationally recognized industry experts, makes this a must-attend event for owners, designers, contractors, consultants and suppliers. Take advantage of the many networking opportunities and earn while you learn, with course completion offering 3.5 CEUs.

Moretrench is a regular participant at the event, with three presentations being made this year:

Registration is now open. For full information, visit here.

Its not just George Washington’s birthday this week… its also National Engineers Week!

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georgewashingtonsurveyorYes, there is a connection.  Our nation’s first President was also an engineer in his own right.  In fact, he’s considered America’s first engineer, most notably for his surveying work. National Engineers Week was started in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers to call attention to the contributions to society that engineers make, and this particular week was chosen to encompass his birthday.

During his lifetime, Washington surveyed more than 200 tracts of land totaling more than 60,000 acres. He is credited with drawing more than 100 maps,  including a map of the city of Alexandria, and had a hand in planning the technical layout of Washington D. C.  Engineering as we know it today was still in its infancy. The Industrial revolution was yet to come. Washington’s work was accomplished without benefit of a formal engineering education, making it all the more remarkable.

Today, on his birthday, as we at Moretrench tip our hard hats to American engineers everywhere, we reserve a special nod to George Washington –the man who, in more ways than one, put America on the map.

See you in Orlando!

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Orlando, Florida has the sunshine and Geotechnical Frontiers 2017 has the latest developments in geotechnical products and services, so mark your calendar for this must-attend event and get the best of both worlds!

Combining the annual Geo-Congress and the bi-annual Geosynthetics Conference into a super-event, Geo-Frontiers 2017 is expected to draw more than 2,000 geotechnical and civil engineering  professionals. Make sure you stop by Booth 419 and talk to one of our experts about how Moretrench can help you with your next project.

Also, don’t miss Ground Freezing Director Joe Sopko’s presentation on:
Coupled Heat Transfer and Groundwater Flow Models for Ground Freezing Design and Analysis in Construction.

Michele Walther Promoted to Vice President

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Michele Walther, Vice President, MoretrenchMoretrench is very pleased to announce that Michele Walther has been promoted to Vice President.  Michele graduated Manhattan College with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and joined Moretrench as Corporate Controller in 2005.

“Michele has helped shape the finance organization over this past decade to become more streamlined and efficient,” notes President and CEO Art Corwin. P.E.  “I would like to personally congratulate her on this significant accomplishment.”

Please join with Art and the entire Moretrench family in congratulating Michele on this well deserved recognition.

February 11th is National Inventor’s Day USA

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MoretrenchHistoricWellpointHere in the USA, National Inventor’s Day is celebrated annually on the birthday of Thomas Edison, “The Wizard of Menlo Park” and inventor of the first commercially viable light bulb.  And here at Moretrench we have our very own inventor to honor –our founder Thomas Francis Moore.  While Moore’s invention did not impact the world, as Edison’s did, it had a profound effect on the construction industry.

Moore was just 12 years old when Edison made his light bulb breakthrough in 1879. Moore’s own “light bulb” moment came some years later in 1924. By this time, he was manufacturing and leasing conveying excavators for utility trenching from premises in Rockaway, New Jersey.  When one of his machines encountered locally notorious Bull’s liver silts, Moore set about resolving the problem himself, first experimenting in his kitchen sink at home and then field testing.  The result was the first practical wellpoint, which revolutionized the underground construction industry and marked the beginning of Moretrench becoming a nationally recognized leader in geotechnical contracting.  And it all began with one man, a vision, and determination –  and who understood, as Edison once said, that “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.