Ash Pond Cut-Off and Containment Barriers

We have been applying our specialty services to ash and industrial by-products such as gypsum since the early 1980s. Given our experience of several clean closures, numerous pilot tests, and more than 3,000,000 cubic yards of product dewatered to date, a call to Moretrench will be the only call you need to make.

Ash Pond Cut-Off & Containment Barriers

Perimeter or down-gradient cut-off or containment to prevent migration of contaminated groundwater and facilitate ash pond closure can be accomplished by a range of specialty geotechnical methods. Selection of the most appropriate option is dependent on the subsurface conditions, site-specific project requirements, and cost considerations.

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Slurry Trenches

Soil-bentonite slurry trenches are constructed by excavating and keying into a suitable cut-off stratum under a viscous slurry to maintain sidewall stability. The excavated material is mixed with bentonite and returned to the trench, displacing the slurry and completing the cut-off. When additional strength is required, cement grout may be added to the backfill.

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Grouted Cut-offs

Grouted groundwater cut-offs can be constructed by the installation of overlapping jet grout columns to an impermeable stratum or by the vibrated beam method. Vibrated beam cut-offs are installed by the repeated driving of a wide-flanged steel beam using a vibratory hammer, while simultaneously injecting cement-bentonite slurry through nozzles attached to the underside of the beam to form a thin curtain wall.

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Structural Cut-offs

Secant pile walls are constructed by the installation of overlapping concrete piles in a primary/secondary sequence. Where ground support is also required, the secondary piles are reinforced with steel cages or H-beams.

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Additional Services

Moretrench’s services also include earth retention, deep foundations, ground freezing, and industrial construction. This wide range of in-house expertise allows the company to offer turnkey solutions to address multiple geotechnical challenges at an individual storage facility, often under a single contract.

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