Dam and Levee Construction, Repair, and Rehabilitation

We have been applying our specialty services to ash and industrial by-products such as gypsum since the early 1980s. Given our experience of several clean closures, numerous pilot tests, and more than 3,000,000 cubic yards of product dewatered to date, a call to Moretrench will be the only call you need to make.

Ash Pond Dam & Levee Repair & Rehabilitation

A number of issues can affect the performance of earthen, rock-fill and concrete ash impoundments. Seepage beneath or through the face of dams and levees can lead to instability and, in extreme cases, collapse. Settled or deteriorating utilities, pipes and outfall structures may require protection or support. Ground improvement or anchorage may be required to meet seismic codes. Moretrench has a range of grouting and groundwater control techniques to effectively address these issues.

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Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting utilizes high pressure, high velocity jets to hydraulically erode, mix and partially replace the in situ soils with cementitious grout, creating a soil-cement product of high strength and low hydraulic conductivity. For dam and levee rehabilitation, jet grouting may be used to create a groundwater barrier beneath the toe of the dam, to improve liquefiable soils, or to underpin utilities, outfall structures and pipes. Read More.

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Curtain Grouting

Curtain grouting is the filling of fractures and fissures in the underlying rock formation with cementitious grouts injected through closely spaced grout holes to reduce hydraulic conductivity for underdam groundwater control.

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Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting, utilizes low viscosity chemical grouts injected into the pores of granular soils to increase their strength and cohesion or decrease hydraulic conductivity for groundwater control. This technique is well suited to the remediation of earthen embankments or for ground improvement to halt ongoing settlement.

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Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting is the pressurized injection of a stiff mortar-like grout to displace and densify the surrounding soils, thus improving the bearing capacity of the soil matrix. This technique is well suited to liquefaction mitigation and to control settlement of utility, outfall structures and pipes.

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Permanent, high capacity tieback and vertical tiedown anchors are effective in increasing dam stability to meet seismic codes.

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Dewatering and Pressure Relief

Permanent dewatering systems lower the phreatic surface within earthen embankments to improve overall stability. Relief wells reduce pore water pressure in confined aquifers or in stratified ground conditions. The water recovered from the relief wells is typically disposed of in accordance with facility or local permitting requirements.

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