Industrial Construction

Our services are the pillars of Moretrench. For 100 years we’ve provided the functions you need to keep your project moving forward, day in and day out.

Industrial Construction

Moretrench undertakes industrial construction projects, both as a general contractor and a subcontractor, from its locations in Riverview, FL, and Gonzales, LA.   A significant portion of the company’s business is focused around the specialized needs of the region’s power, mining and manufacturing industries.  Primary among these are phosphate fertilizer plants, phosphate and non-phosphate mining operations, power plants, chemical plants, food processing and manufacturing plants, and the citrus industry.  Moretrench’s broad range of capabilities allows industrial clients to single-source many of the services they require.

In addition to comprehensive general industry health and safety training, the company ensures that its workforce is current in the specialized and project-specific health and safety requirements of these industries. A 24-hour emergency response network, maintained on standby alert, ensures rapid response and assistance to industrial and power company clients in maintaining critical round-the-clock operations.

Site Work/Site Development

Moretrench maintains a comprehensive, in-house heavy equipment fleet and an experienced workforce capable of undertaking a diverse range of site work and site development projects for  the power, chemical, fertilizer, surface mine and petro-chemical industries. The acquisition in the spring of 2014 of Gigliotti Contracting, a well-established, Florida-based company specializing in site development and underground utilities for the residential and commercial construction sectors, has enabled Moretrench to broaden the scope and size of its capability to include these areas of work.
Components of site development for new construction or facility expansion include:

Site Preparation, including  clearing, grubbing and erosion control  –  Dewatering  –  Mass excavation and earthmoving  –  Specialized seepage drains and environmental linings/barriers  –  Deep foundations  –  Concrete structures  –  Underground drainage and utility structures  –  Road and bridge work  –  Restoration and surfacing, including paving, gravel rock surfacing, and seeding.

Mechanical Work, Industrial Piping, & Welding

Moretrench operates two divisions that offer above-ground services to a range of industrial clients. These include structural steel fabrication and installation, critical equipment installation, and process and transfer piping.  Materials include HDPE, stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, fiberglass and exotic alloys.

Moretrench-GCI is able to undertake large capital projects, plant outage work, and highly specialized sulfuric acid projects.
Moretrench Mechanical Division focuses on servicing our clients’ needs on small capital projects, planned outage support, and general plant maintenance.
Both divisions have broad capabilities such as shop or on-site welding and fabrication of coded piping and vessels, boilers and general plant process equipment.

Waste By-Product Management & Containment

Florida’s major industrial plants produce a significant amount of by-product that must handled, stored and contained efficiently.  These materials range from liquids to slurries to dry solids and include: – Phosphogypsum  –  Non-recyclable, variable coal combustion product  –  Fly ash and bottom ash Plant process water.

Liquid and semi-liquid by-product is stored in temporary holding ponds or retention basins, with solid product conveyed to large stacks. Moretrench has considerable experience in the construction, maintenance and closure of these disposal areas and holds long term, ongoing management contracts with several facilities.
Dry product maintenance and site closure involves access road construction, subgrade preparation for liner installation, conveyers, materials haulage, site drainage system installation, grading,  and topsoil covering and seeding following closure.Liquids and slurries involve retention pond excavation, subgrade compaction, liner installation, silt fencing, piping, concrete outfalls, inlets, and deep seepage drains.

Industrial Concrete

The scope of Moretrench’s concrete work capability has increased considerably over the past 20 years. In addition to standard slab-on-grade foundations, aprons, pads and form work, projects now include:

Complex pile caps  –  Heavy equipment and tank pile-supported foundation slabs  –  Deep pits/sumps  –  Massive outfall discharge structures  –  Slurry receiving/dewatering structures.

Additional applications include multi-level pump stations and docks; elevated floors; trench, ditch and basin liner placement; retention systems; vaults and duct banks; and concrete and asphalt surfaces.
On-site batching and mixing capability allows the company to accomplish large-scale work at a competitive price, and Moretrench has performed individual projects requiring over 4,000 cubic yards of concrete in total, and more then 1,000 cubic yards in a single pour.

Industrial Construction Resources

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