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As members in good standing of the following Pre-Qualification services organizations our safety performance is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, ensuring that safety remains our number one value.

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Training Wheels

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How do you meet the safety training needs of a scattered and very busy work force in the most time-and cost-efficient way? For Moretrench’s Florida-based operation, the solution is both innovative and highly effective: take the training directly to the job site. Every week, a self-contained, fully equipped mobile unit, staffed by a qualified trainer, travels Central Florida, delivering the training critical to optimum on-the-job employee performance. And since the Florida office focuses on serving the specialized construction needs of Florida’s electric utility, mining and process chemical industries as well as offering Moretrench’s mainstream services, training modules cover a broad spectrum, from basic first aid/CPR to in-depth project- and industry-specific safety.

Training for Our People

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At Moretrench, our people are our most important asset. Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, as well as for subcontractors and visitors to our premises or field operations, is our first priority.

The company administers a comprehensive health and safety education and training program managed and coordinated by a designated in-house Safety Officer. And our workforce, from the company President to the newest junior staffer, is committed to putting that education and training into practice in the field, in the shop, and in the office.

A site-specific program is developed for every project and reinforced by on-site engineering and supervisory staff. Moretrench continually underscores the importance of safe site practices through:

  • Weekly site inspections conducted by an independent third-party consultant
  • Weekly toolbox talks
  • Random and post-accident drug testing
  • Alcohol and drug testing

Our Performance

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Making The Grade

That Moretrench consistently earns an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) significantly below the national average is a reflection of a corporate dedication to providing a safe and healthy work environment and a workforce dedicated to putting that training into practice.


Health & Safety

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Moretrench considers no activity, either on the job site or in the office, to be so urgent or so important that we would compromise the high health and safety standards to which every employee is held.

Our safety policy benefits us all by minimizing exposure, eliminating injury, and preventing property damage. We are committed to ensuring a safe working environment at all times and we are proactive in identifying and rectifying unsafe conditions, promoting safety awareness, furnishing all necessary tools and protective equipment, and providing comprehensive health and safety training.

As a company and as individuals, we recognize our responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our co-workers, as well as to our clients, visitors, and the public.  Every employee is tasked with upholding the company safety policies at all times and immediately communicating concerns to management. When we work together, we make our daily environment a safer place for all.

Arthur B. Corwin
President & CEO