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Ash Pond Services

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Clean closure or rehabilitation of coal combustible storage (CCR) facilities can be significantly enhanced in terms of both safety and reduced project duration by the implementation of specialty dewatering, grouting and cut-off and containment techniques.   Moretrench offers a range of site-specific options to assist facility owners in meeting project requirements efficiently and effectively.  Learn more here.

Landfill Gas & Leachate Systems

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Methane and other gases produced as a result of decomposition of organic waste may be captured and managed efficiently. Moretrench offers a range of landfill-related design, installation and maintenance services for both passive and active gas collection and condensate and leachate collection. Those services include:
  • Landfill gas extraction systems consisting of vertical gas wells and horizontal gas collection trenches
  • Landfill gas and leachate management including operation and maintenance of flares, methane power generating plants and leachate conveyance systems and pump stations
  • Soil bentonite and cement bentonite slurry trenches for perimeter containment and control

Barrier Techniques

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Impermeable subsurface barriers contain or inhibit the flow of groundwater. They may be installed down gradient of a known contaminant source, such as a landfill, to prevent the migration of contaminated water off site, or up gradient of a contaminated zone to prevent the f low of clean groundwater down gradient. Methods used by Moretrench to create subsurface barriers include slurry trenching techniques, grouting systems, and ground freezing.

Groundwater Recovery & Treatment

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Groundwater and wastewater recovery and treatment options include customized treatment systems and hydrocarbon recovery and dual phase extraction.  Water treatment systems are configured specifically for the contaminants encountered and may include such elements as pH neutralization, granular active carbon adsorption, and filtration, among others.  Dual phase extraction systems simultaneously remove groundwater and free-phase petroleum hydrocarbons by means of a strong vacuum applied through screened recovery wells. The recovered product is collected and treated.


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The presence of contaminants continues to pose a significant challenge on chemical, industrial, municipal, landfill and civil sites across the country. Moretrench provides a range of environmental remediation services customized to the contaminant(s) and the approach to remediation or containment. These fall under the following general categories:
  • Groundwater recovery and treatment
  • Barrier techniques (cut-off and exclusion)
  • Landfill gas and leachate systems
  • Contaminated soil excavation and disposal