Health & Safety

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Moretrench considers no activity, either on the job site or in the office, to be so urgent or so important that we would compromise the high health and safety standards to which every employee is held.

Our safety policy benefits us all by minimizing exposure, eliminating injury, and preventing property damage. We are committed to ensuring a safe working environment at all times and we are proactive in identifying and rectifying unsafe conditions, promoting safety awareness, furnishing all necessary tools and protective equipment, and providing comprehensive health and safety training.

As a company and as individuals, we recognize our responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our co-workers, as well as to our clients, visitors, and the public.  Every employee is tasked with upholding the company safety policies at all times and immediately communicating concerns to management. When we work together, we make our daily environment a safer place for all.

Arthur B. Corwin
President & CEO