Industrial Concrete

By October 24, 2014 No Comments

The scope of Moretrench’s concrete work capability has increased considerably over the past 20 years. In addition to standard slab-on-grade foundations, aprons, pads and form work, projects now include:

Complex pile caps  –  Heavy equipment and tank pile-supported foundation slabs  –  Deep pits/sumps  –  Massive outfall discharge structures  –  Slurry receiving/dewatering structures.

Additional applications include multi-level pump stations and docks; elevated floors; trench, ditch and basin liner placement; retention systems; vaults and duct banks; and concrete and asphalt surfaces.
On-site batching and mixing capability allows the company to accomplish large-scale work at a competitive price, and Moretrench has performed individual projects requiring over 4,000 cubic yards of concrete in total, and more then 1,000 cubic yards in a single pour.