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Moretrench undertakes industrial construction projects, both as a general contractor and a subcontractor, from its locations in Riverview, FL, and Gonzales, LA.   A significant portion of the company’s business is focused around the specialized needs of the region’s power, mining and manufacturing industries.  Primary among these are phosphate fertilizer plants, phosphate and non-phosphate mining operations, power plants, chemical plants, food processing and manufacturing plants, and the citrus industry.  Moretrench’s broad range of capabilities allows industrial clients to single-source many of the services they require.

In addition to comprehensive general industry health and safety training, the company ensures that its workforce is current in the specialized and project-specific health and safety requirements of these industries. A 24-hour emergency response network, maintained on standby alert, ensures rapid response and assistance to industrial and power company clients in maintaining critical round-the-clock operations.