Because the underground is arguably the most complex environment in construction.

Since the Moore Trenching Machine excavator in 1891, Moretrench has pioneered some of the industry’s most important underground advancements. It’s that spirit of creativity and leadership that has driven the company ever since.

By being innovators underground, we’ve experienced more situations and have dealt with more complexities than anyone in the industry. That experience drives everything we do, from the way we look at projects, to the services we provide, all the way to the people we choose to hire and partner with.

When it comes to the complexities of underground construction, no one has seen more than Moretrench.

Successful construction projects rely wholly on partnership.

And when getting involved in the unknown of the underground, it’s critical to choose the right partner and choose them early.

We pride ourselves on being the one company that people call when no one else can figure it out.


The success of Moretrench is due to the collective ability of our past and present team. Every person, every project and every division is empowered by the skillset and knowledge of the others around them. Every ground freezing project is improved by our knowledge of grouting; every underpinning project is better planned because of our deep understanding of dewatering. It’s this collective ability that allows Moretrench to have a tremendous impact on projects when we’re able to get involved at the early stages.

We’re engineers at our core, and every project we partake in is more thoroughly thought-out and better planned than any other in the industry. This process is why Moretrench has never walked away from a job and why our clients can rely on us 100% of the time.

The combination of our history of innovation, engineering-first approach and unmatched underground construction experience, allows Moretrench to solve complex underground construction projects better than anyone else, and that is the reason to choose Moretrench.

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