Soil Stabilization/Settlement Control
Rockwell Place Vent Shaft Rehabilitation, New York, NY

Fracture grouting to mitigate excessive settlement of a 9-story masonry structure induced by adjacent construction activity.

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13th Street Vent Shaft Rehabilitation, New York, NY

Permeation grouting in advance of sheetpile excavation supportĀ  installation to provide settlement protection for an aging structure with a rubble foundation along the excavation alignment.

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Kathleen Court Development, Ridgefield, NJ

Installation of 110, 30-kip tieback anchors and placement of shotcrete facing to remediate a failing, 500-foot long gabion wall. A remote drilling system was developed to overcome direct access restrictions.

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Garden State Parkway Tunnel, Clifton, NJ

Emergency response liquid nitrogen ground freezing, accomplished through horizontally drilled freeze pipes, to create a canopy of frozen ground above a TBM stalled by loose subsurface conditions, allowing it to advance without further incident.

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