2017 Ash Dewatering Workshop at EUCI

April 6, 2017

Handling coal ash management and storage procedures in order to keep facilities in compliance with current regulations, as well as adapting to future regulatory changes, is a hot topic in the Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) community.   Moretrench is in the forefront in assisting power companies with closure challenges through the engineered design and installation of pre-drainage systems. These systems have proven to expedite excavation or capping of CCR materials and enhance the safety of the excavation or grading and capping processes.

The recent EUCI Coal Combustion Residuals Conference, held in Atlanta, GA, from March 30-31, showcased the issues facing the power industry and steps currently being taken.  A half-day pre-conference workshop led by Moretrench Senior Vice President Paul Schmall and Chief Dewatering Engineer Greg Landry discussed the behavior and responsiveness of ash to drainage methods, the wide range of techniques that can be used, associated water treatment methods, the geotechnical investigations necessary, geotechnical verification and monitoring, and new advances in the technologies.  Paul Schmall was also a member of the Closure Services Contracting Panel which engaged in a discussion of “best fit” contracting practices.

“It was an excellent show.  A recurring theme was the need for early dewatering.  This was driven home by Anita Perry with Southern Company Services who also spoke to the need for in-situ ash monitoring.  The concepts are sinking in!”     – Paul Schmall

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