Emergency Response

Storm SurgeRapid ResponseFreezing Under the Fraser RiverDepression at Nesbitt DamArgentine Shaft Saviour

Storm Surge

When several feet of Hurricane Sandy storm search inundated Manhattan’s major commuter tunnels and the World Trade Center site, Moretrench was called in to mount a massive and logistically complex emergency pumping effort.

Rapid Response

Freezing of three deep shafts in separate locations but all within residential neighborhoods for D.C. Water’s new CSO system required innovative approaches to mitigating the effects of construction on the local communities.

Freezing Under the Fraser River

A detailed discussion of the design, construction and complex logistics involved in emergency liquid nitrogen ground freezing deep under the Fraser River in Vancouver, Canada, to stabilize the face of a stalled TBM and allow safe access for repairs to be conducted.

Depression at Nesbitt Dam

An in-depth presentation of the emergency response dewatering and grouting required to remediate and restore stability to an earthen dam structure.

Argentine Shaft Saviour

When a deep shaft under construction for The Sistema de Potabilización Area Norte potable water system in Buenos Aries experienced persistent ground and water inflow despite several remediation attempts, Moretrench’s ground freezing expertise was called upon to provide effective earth support and groundwater control, allowing the shaft to be successfully completed.