Ground Freezing

The Big Freeze: Brine vs Liquid NitrogenGround Freezing Resolves Complex Challenges Ahead of SEM TunnelingImprovement for Underground Construction: The Good, the Bad and the UglyRapid ResponseChilling Out in Florida: Port of Miami Cross PassagesInnovations in Ground Improvement AwardGround Improvement for Groundwater ControlFreezing Under the Fraser RiverArgentine Shaft SaviourGround Freezing in a Congested Urban Area

The Big Freeze: Brine vs Liquid Nitrogen

Illustrated by several case studies, this article discusses ground freezing principles and whether brine or liquid nitrogen freezing is the better approach for the site specific circumstances and project requirements.

Rapid Response

Freezing of three deep shafts in separate locations but all within residential neighborhoods for D.C. Water’s new CSO system required innovative approaches to mitigating the effects of construction on the local communities.

Chilling Out in Florida: Port of Miami Cross Passages

Ground freezing of two tunnel cross passages from within the newly constructed Port of Miami tunnels for safe excavation through the potentially unstable Key Largo coralline formation deep below the water table. This represents the first successful use of ground freezing for cross passages in North America.

Innovations in Ground Improvement Award

Moretrench is the first recipient of the Innovations in Ground Improvement Award presented for its work on the Northern Boulevard Crossing in Queens, New York, the 2nd Avenue project in Manhattan, New York, and the Port of Miami Tunnel project in Florida.

Ground Improvement for Groundwater Control

This informative article discusses how understanding of the behavior of soils and groundwater is crucial to allow the right ground improvement choices to be made and presents available methods and their suitability to site-specific conditions.

Freezing Under the Fraser River

A detailed discussion of the design, construction and complex logistics involved in emergency liquid nitrogen ground freezing deep under the Fraser River in Vancouver, Canada, to stabilize the face of a stalled TBM and allow safe access for repairs to be conducted.

Argentine Shaft Saviour

When a deep shaft under construction for The Sistema de Potabilización Area Norte potable water system in Buenos Aries experienced persistent ground and water inflow despite several remediation attempts, Moretrench’s ground freezing expertise was called upon to provide effective earth support and groundwater control, allowing the shaft to be successfully completed.

Ground Freezing in a Congested Urban Area

In-depth look at the design, installation and operation of the ground freezing system used to facilitate mining of the East Side Access Northern Boulevard Crossing in Queens, NY under 55 feet of hydrostatic head.