Building the Future: Moretrench Hosts Morris County Vo-Tech Students

December 21, 2016

The continued growth of any company is based on finding the right people for the job.  For a geotechnical contractor like Moretrench, that means not just engineers and field crews but also shop personnel –the all-important people “behind the scenes” whose job it is to keep the field crews supplied with the equipment and materials they need to get the work done.  Shop Manager Craig Sofio recognized that finding the future technicians of Moretrench had to begin early...and he didn’t have far to look.

“I graduated from Morris County School of Technology, a vocational high school local to Moretrench’s office” said Craig. “I approached our HR department and Joanne Muccione reached out to the school.  Joanne and I ended up doing presentations there to approximately 50 students in total, grouped according to their schedules.”

The students then visited Moretrench and listened to presentations by Project Manager Matt DeGregoris and Vice President and Northeast Geotech Regional Manager Wayne Fjotland about how the engineering department, field  and shop interrelate before touring the shop itself.  Welder Rudy Petrocco, Shop Foreman Peter Tirado and Head Mechanic Warren Weglinski all talked to the group about their responsibilities and work to conclude the day.

“The idea behind it was that planning for the future should start early...and that applies to Moretrench’s future growth as well as the students’ careers,” said Craig.  “The entire program, both school visits and trip to Moretrench, was a tremendous success.  The most frequent question asked at the end of the day was ‘When can I start?’ and we even received two resumes before the students boarded the bus!”