Moretrench offers  a range of development  programs designed to enhance the knowledge and skill sets of all  our employees . You will learn directly from our top experts who will share their personal experience, discuss best practices, and give feedback and support as you work towards achieving your career goals.

Workplace Training

Health and Safety, Ethics, and Harassment training are fundamental to maintaining a safe, respectful  and harmonious working environment for all and form the cornerstone of our company culture.

Field personnel  will undergo a wide range of approved health and safety training modules, including OSHA-specific programs,  designed to enhance  performance and ensure the safety of each individual crew member on the jobsite, the safety of the crew as a whole, and the safety of other trades in the vicinity our our work area.  Our Safety Program is administered by a full-time company Safety Officer and modules will be presented by a designated fully -trained member of the Safety Group  or by an outside agency if appropriate.   You will also receive owner-specific safety training should it be required for a particular job site.

We also schedule “Lunch and Learn” sessions in our offices on a variety of topics that benefit both engineering and office staff and which are conducted by either internal personnel or outside specialists.

See the Our Engineers section for the development and professional growth programs designed specifically for our engineering employees.

Career Advancement

With advance permission, employees may attend approved courses on company time that are designed to enhance the skills sets necessary to perform their role in the company.  Individual mentoring is also available after two full years of employment.