Ground Freezing Goes Mainstream with Popular Mechanics

November 17, 2015

Popular  Mechanics, one of the top 100 US magazines with a circulation of 1.2 million subscribers,  recently featured Moretrench’s ground freezing work at the First Street Tunnels in Washington D.C. The tunneling  operation, part of  the Washington D.C. Clean Rivers Project, features  three shafts and four deep adits excavated in the dry under the protection of frozen  ground excavation support  and groundwater control.

Extraordinary measures were successfully incorporated by Moretrench into the ground freezing program to mitigate  community impact in the busy urban area, a vital consideration for the Skanska-led JV.   Staging for ground freezing operations at various locations was centrally located, and brine supply and return lines from the freeze plants were run as much as 2,600 feet via utility trenches.  Read the full article here, and for more on Moretrench’s ground freezing operations please visit us at