Moretrench and affiliate companies to combine as Keller

July 11, 2019

Effective January 1, 2020, North America Keller companies Moretrench, Bencor, Case Atlantic, Case Foundation, Hayward Baker, HJ Foundation, Keller Canada, and McKinney Drilling will join together and rebrand to Keller.

Operating as one company in each local market, offering all products and services, we’ll be easier to understand and engage with. Clients can be confident they’re getting the best, most competitive solutions, especially when these involve multiple techniques. This integration will further differentiate Keller as the leading geotechnical specialist contractor in North America.

Prior to January 1, clients will see no change. The current companies will continue to bid and secure work and existing projects will continue as planned. Clients will continue to work with our same people in the existing businesses. After January 1, we trust our existing relationships will only strengthen as we become an even more valuable partner able to serve all their geotechnical needs.

Keller’s non-geotechnical construction businesses Moretrench Industrial, Suncoast Post-Tension and Cyntech will stay as separate companies within the Keller North America organization and retain their brands. Geo-Instruments, the instrumentation and monitoring company, will keep its brand.

If you have questions, please refer to our FAQ document. Alternately, contact us at or through your current Keller point of contact.