Moretrench Interns Awarded GCA Scholarships

November 21, 2016

Moretrench congratulates former summer engineering interns Jesus Loya of the University of Delaware, Matthew Pizzico of James Madison University, and Andrew Chegwidden of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, on receiving $3,500 scholarships from the General Contractors Association of New York. GCA of NY awarded 31 scholarships this year to students at 18 different institutions. Selection of the awardees was based on recommendations from industry practitioners familiar with the applicant and the applicant’s personal responses to a questionnaire.

Scholarships such as those GCA of NY awards go a long way to allowing students to concentrate more fully on their studies during the semester which in turn opens up internship opportunities for students who achieve the grades to sample the “real world” of construction under the guidance of practicing engineers. The experience gained can be the deciding factor in a career choice. “At Moretrench I was exposed to a variety of different types of work, from landfill remediation to ground freezing” said Andrew. “I felt I was a real part of things, doing real work.” So much so, that Andrew accepted a Fall semester co-op opportunity with Moretrench and will join the company as a staff engineer on graduation.


“Eager and excited to start” is how GCA of NY scholarship recipient Andrew Chegwidden, shown here in the field and in the office, describes his future job with Moretrench.