Moretrench Makes the Holiday Season a Little Brighter for a Local Animal Shelter

December 19, 2016

Pets are integral to the lives of many of us, but for many other dogs, cats and other small animals, a shelter is the only home they have.  Shelters depend on donations to feed, house, and keep their animals healthy pending adoption.  This holiday season, the Moretrench family in the Rockaway office came together to help an area shelter in their work. Employees submitted a photo of their own pet, together with a small donation. A slideshow was compiled that was shown in the Moretrench office foyer and enjoyed by both pet-owners and non-pet owners alike. And the net result was a $500 donation to the Mount Pleasant Animal shelter, a 100% donation -funded, no-kill organization serving the local area.

If you would like to know more about how you can support Mount Pleasant animal shelter, please visit or you may wish to find a similar facility in your area and make this season a little brighter for those who work year-round to save and re-home abandoned animals.