Moretrench President Art Corwin, P.E., is Invited Speaker at New England ESOP Annual Conference

October 4, 2014

Moretrench has been a 100% employee-owned company since 1999. Over the past 15 years, President and CEO Art Corwin, P.E., has seen the company grow and prosper under the ESOP model, first as Executive Vice President and then as President and Chief Executive Officer. On October 3, 2014, he presented his experiences of leading an ESOP company at the Annual Conference of the New England Chapter of ESOP in Mystic, CT.

In a session titled Transition Matters: Engaging the Next Generation in Leadership Assessment & Succession Planning, Mr. Corwin provided valuable insight into the critical topic of planning leadership transition to ensure sustained company growth and success. "I had previously witnessed the company's transition to a new CEO in the mid 1990s and subsequently participated in my own transition to CEO," he notes. "These personal experiences make me very aware of the importance of a smooth and positive transition process under ESOP, and I am actively involved in paving the way for handover to a new CEO when the time comes."

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