Moretrench Southern Region’s 10th Annual Club Zero and Years of Service Banquet

May 1, 2015

Workers in Moretrench’s Florida-based Southern Region achieving Club Zero or Club Zero Support Team status for the calendar year 2014 were recognized at the February 26, 2015 awards ceremony and lunch banquet held at the Palmetto Club located 15 minutes from the Moretrench Riverview Florida office.

Outstanding individual safety performance is acknowledged by Moretrench when an employee works the entire calendar year with ZERO: accidents; injuries; property damage events; environmental events; or safety violations.  Employees achieving this level of performance are inducted into Moretrench’s Club Zero and Club Zero Support Team recognition programs and receive individual plaques and suitable memorabilia presented individually by Al Schuman, President of Moretrench’s Southeast Division. 
There are 116 Club Zero and Club Zero Support Team members for the year 2014 which represents over 60% of the Moretrench workforce.   Included in this number are 28 one year members, 13 two consecutive year members, 28 three consecutive year members, 9 four consecutive year members, 6 five consecutive year members, 6 six consecutive year members, 1 seven consecutive year member, 4 eight consecutive year members, 3 nine consecutive year members and 4 ten consecutive years members.


In addition to the induction of Club Zero members, employees reaching milestone years of service are recognized.  This year, 10 employees completing 2.5 years of service, 5 employees completing 5 years of service, 18 employees completing 10 years of service and 3 employees completing fifteen years of service were honored.  Employees announcing retirement from Moretrench during the coming year are also recognized for their past service.

This year’s guest speaker was once again Kevin Yarborough, former Assistant Area Director of the Tampa Area OSHA office.  Kevin related his prior safety experiences in his unique, informative, and entertaining style.  Kevin also expressed his admiration for the safety achievements and safety commitment of Moretrench’s employees.

Guests at this year’s event included Moretrench Vice President Greg Ziegler and Safety Director Greg Lewis, as well as representatives from our major clients in the region.  Special guest was Bob Lenz, former Moretrench President and CEO.  Mr. Lenz was presented a special Moretrench Retirement Challenge Coin in recognition of his past hard work and dedication to Moretrench.