Moretrench to Bring its Ground Freezing Expertise to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

December 22, 2014

Kajima Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, has contracted with Geocomp of Acton, MA, to provide engineering services on the construction and evaluation of a frozen groundwater barrier around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.   Geocomp has subcontracted with Moretrench to assist with their construction experience.

Geocomp and Moretrench will provide Kajima with assessments of comparable ground freezing experiences from around the world. Sharing of these technological achievements will enhance the design, construction and performance of the Fukushima Ice Wall.  Moretrench and Geocomp will also assist in evaluation of the design, construction quality assurance and performance testing of the frozen barrier.

Moretrench has been resolving complex subsurface challenges using ground freezing technology for more than 35 years. In addition to mass freezing for tunnel jacking at Boston’s Big Dig–the largest single ground freezing operation ever undertaken in North America– Moretrench recently successfully completed horizontal ground freezing to facilitate NATM tunneling for the East Side Access Northern Boulevard Crossing, one of the most challenging aspects of the overall project to date.  Read more about this project here.