Moretrench’s Southeastern Region Celebrates Safety at the 11th Annual Club Zero & Years of Service Banquet

March 4, 2016

Every construction site is fraught with potential safety hazards, but perhaps few more so than those encountered by Moretrench’s Southeastern Region personnel on a daily basis. Their work takes them to live power plants, to large and constantly active industrial complexes, and to sites often close to water.  Safety is therefore not only a priority, it is THE priority.   To ensure that every employee is equipped to recognize and react to any site hazard, the Southeastern Region operates one of the most comprehensive safety training programs around...with a unique twist.  Workers are rewarded for exemplary safety performance by induction into the Club Zero and Club Zero Support Team recognition programs.

Club Zero membership is limited to individual workers who have worked the calendar year with zero injuries, property damage events, environmental events, or safety violations.  Achieving and maintaining membership is a point of pride for employees  and has its rewards, not just in enhanced site safety year round  but also in  being honored at the annual  Club Zero and Years of Service Awards Banquet.

This year, the Awards program for the year 2015 was held on February 26th, 2016 at The Regent, a premier events venue in Riverview, FL.  Al Schuman, President of Moretrench’s Southeastern Region operations, welcomed Moretrench attendees and invited guests from Overland Construction, Hexion and TECO.

Retiree George Fagan put formality aside to express his appreciation to Southeast Region President Al Schuman.

Retiree George Fagan put formality aside to express his appreciation to Southeast Region President Al Schuman.

Club Zero and Club Zero Support Team honorees received personalized plaques presented by Mr. Schuman. This year, a total of 105 Club Zero members were recognized.  Included in this number were 33 one-year members, 17 two consecutive year members, 11 three consecutive year members, 17 four consecutive year members, 7 five consecutive year members, 4 six consecutive year members, 5 seven consecutive year member, 1 eight consecutive year member, 3 nine consecutive year members, 3 ten consecutive years members, and 4 eleven consecutive years members. Twenty five Club Zero Support Team members were also recognized.

The proceedings also featured presentation of 2.5-, 5-, 10-, and 15-year service plaques to 31 employees,  and a special presentation to George Fagan,  who retired from Moretrench in 2015 after 18 years of service.