St. Lucie County CourthouseR.S. Wallace Power StationPCS PhosphatesOARS Phase 2Northern Boulevard CrossingKennedy Generating StationConsolidated Edison Harlem River TunnelFormer Manufactured Gas PlantWatres DamRockwall Place Vent Shaft Rehabilitation

St. Lucie County Courthouse

Permeation grouting within an operational building for support of excavation for tunnel expansion and new elevator shaft installation.

R.S. Wallace Power Station

Void grouting and installation of a cut-off trench beneath an ash pond dike to eliminate groundwater flow paths.

PCS Phosphates

Low mobility grouting to seal the throat of a 150-ft wide, 320-ft deep sinkhole and re-establish the hydraulic connection.

OARS Phase 2

Permeation grouting for karstic rock pretreatment prior to sinking of several shafts for the OSIS Augmentation & Relief Sewer.

Watres Dam

Permanent collection wells to improve dam stability and temporary dewatering for toe drain installation.