Dams & Levees

Moretrench offers a wide range of grouting techniques applicable to dam and levee repair and rehabilitation including curtain, jet, permeation and compaction methods.

  • Curtain Grouting is the filling of fractures and fissures in the underlying rock formation with cementitious grouts injected through closely spaced grout holes to reduce permeability, strengthen or stabilize the rock, or both.
  • Jet Grouting utilizes high pressure, high velocity jets to hydraulically erode mix and partially replace the in situ soils or ash with cementitious grout, creating a soil-cement product of high strength and low hydraulic conductivity. For dam and levee rehabilitation, For dam and levee rehabilitation, jet grouting may be used to create a groundwater barrier, to improve liquefiable soils, or to underpin utilities, outfall structures and pipes.
  • Permeation Grouting utilizes low viscosity chemical or cement grouts injected into the pores of granular soils to increase their strength and cohesion or decrease hydraulic conductivity for groundwater control. The technique is well suited to the remediation or improvement of earthen embankments.
  • Compaction Grouting is the pressurized injection of mortar-like grout to displace and densify the surrounding soils. This technique is suitable for liquefaction mitigation and to control settlement of utilities, outfall structures and pipes.
  • Toe Drains & Relief Wells lower the phreatic surface within earthen embankments to improve overall stability and prevent piping of fines.

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