Groundwater Recovery & Treatment

Groundwater recovery and treatment is often an integral part of the remediation of contaminated sites. Moretrench tailors the treatment solutions to meet site-specific requirements.

Customized Treatment Systems

Treatment systems are site-specific and may be mobile and modular or permanent.  The most basic system is comprised of bag filters and carbon to treat a wide variety of contaminants, including petroleum products. However, depending on the contaminants identified as being present in the groundwater, a system may also include such components as settling/clarification tanks, oil/water separators, and granulated activated carbon adsorber vessels.

Biopolymer Collection Trenches

Biopolymer collection trenches are installed using slurry trenching techniques. During excavation, trench wall stability is maintained by a biodegradable slurry.  As the trench is advanced to full depth, a suitable permanent drainage material is introduced that allows groundwater to flow feely into a collection pipe. An impermeable liner may be installed on the down gradient trench wall to prevent groundwater migration beyond the trench. Read a full biopolymer collection trench project summary here.

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