By-Product Management & Containment

Florida’s major industrial plants produce a significant amount of by-product that must be handled, stored and contained efficiently. These materials range from liquids to slurries to dry solids and include:

  • Phosphogypsum
  • Non-recyclable, variable coal combustion product
  • Fly ash and bottom ash plant process water

Liquid and semi-liquid by-product is stored in temporary holding ponds or retention basins, with solid product conveyed to large stacks. Moretrench has considerable experience in the construction, maintenance and closure of these disposal areas and holds long term, ongoing management contracts with several facilities.

Dry product maintenance and site closure

Dry product maintenance and site closure involves access road construction, subgrade preparation for liner installation, conveyers, materials haulage, site drainage system installation, grading, and topsoil covering and seeding following closure.

Liquids and slurries

Liquids and slurries involve retention pond excavation, subgrade compaction, liner installation, silt fencing, piping, concrete outfalls, inlets, and deep seepage drains.