Solar Farm Site Development

Moretrench’s Tampa office, serving the Southern United States, now brings it’s considerable earthwork, industrial concrete and site work capabilities to the large-scale development required to accommodate Florida’s solar farm installations. Capabilities include site preparation and drainage, access road construction, concrete work, and underground piping and utility duct banks.

Site Preparation

A comprehensive, in-house heavy equipment fleet allows us to tackle any aspect of site preparation quickly, efficiently, and on schedule. Typical components include mass excavation, earthmoving and grading; site restoration and surfacing; and seedingEnvironmental linings/barriers, erosion control measures and perimeter fencing may be installed as required.

Site Drainage

Moretrench has the capability of handling all the specialized structures required for a complete drainage program, including pre-drainage dewatering, underground drainage structures, seepage control, and stormwater drainage structures.


Our crews are experienced in all aspects of access road construction, including grading and compacting, gravel underdrain and sub-base placement, and final surfacing.

Industrial Concrete Work

On-site batching and mixing capability allows the company to accomplish large-scale concrete work as part of the site development at a competitive cost. Moretrench has performed individual projects requiring over 4,000 cubic yards of concrete in total, and more then 1,000 cubic yards in a single pour

Underground Utilities

Underground utility capabilities include electrical trenching and backfill, duct banks, and storm water and sanitary sewers.