The Route to the Top: A President’s Perspective

July 8, 2016

How does one reach the top of one’s chosen profession?   For a few, it may be just a case of  “the right place at the right time”.  For others, the catalyst that set them on the path may be a brief but telling conversation.  For most though, it’s a process of gradual progression underscored by hard work and long hours.  For Moretrench President and CEO Art Corwin, it was  all three.

The right place at the right time was a visit to California by his father who brought back for the young boy the neighborhood’s first Lego set, sparking an early interest in building structures. The conversation came some years later when, as a sophomore at SUNY Farmingdale, an astute professor steered the then would-be architect with solid math credentials but little in the way of drawing skills towards engineering.  The gradual progression...and the long hours and hard work... came when, as a new civil engineering graduate from  the Polytechnic University of New York and a junior staff engineer at Moretrench, he came under the watchful eye of President Robert Lenz who mentored him and guided his early career.

While all of these events were pivotal in their own way, Corwin credits his time at SUNY , and professors who took the time to teach rather than just instruct, as being the impetus that led him to where he is now.  Recently, he shared his memories with current Farmingdale students on the institution’s website.  You can read the full article here.