Timeline 1940-1959


Moretrench wellpoints dewater the excavations on new plants under construction up and down the country to meet the increased need for power manufacturing.


Moretrench wellpoints dewater almost 100 miles of sewer trench in three months at Camp Blanding, FL, for military training in anticipation of WWII.


Moretrench wins a contract to supply wellpoints to dewater a new shipyard in Tampa, FL. Similar contracts follow in Georgia and North Carolina.


By now, Moretrench wellpoints have been used on 18 major New York City subway projects.


A million gallons of grout is pumped to seal openwork gravel at the Kammer Power Plant in West Virginia.


Wellpoints dewater the approaches to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, VA.


The first Moretrench-designed deep well system is installed at Black Lake in Quebec to stabilize the excavation slopes.


Deep wells dewater Bremerton Dry Dock No. 6, WA, the largest dry dock in the world at the time.