Wayne Fjotland Appointed Northeast Geotec Regional Manager

February 12, 2015

Moretrench is pleased to announce that Wayne Fjotland has been appointed Northeast Regional Geotec Manager, with overall responsibility for all operational aspects of geotechnical work undertaken in the
NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area.

Wayne has 35 years of focused geotechnical experience. He joined Moretrench in 2001 as Manager of Field Operations and together with Vice President of Geotec Operations Tom Tuozzolo, P.E.,  and Vice President and Chief Geotec Engineer Ken Chadwick, P.E., he formed the nucleus of Moretrench’s geotechnical  branch.  Under their expertise and guidance, the branch now delivers almost 50% of the company northeastern business.

“Wayne not only brings many years of solid experience to his new position, but also a talent for innovation,” notes Moretrench President and CEO Art Corwin.  “This has proved to be a considerable practical asset in improving operational efficiency in the past and will be a cornerstone of his management  role as we go forward.”

Please join with the Moretrench family in wishing Wayne every success in the future.