Health & Safety

We have a high-performance safety culture where empowered employees demonstrate an individual attitude and responsibility for safety, health and the environment.

We believe that all events are avoidable and that the identification of hazards and the development of suitable hazard controls in the work planning stages will result in accomplishing the work in a safe manner. Safety planning begins with the project estimate and is carried through to the execution of work tasks with multiple layers of work planning.


We firmly believe that front line management is directly responsible for the protection of workers, the environment, and the public. Accordingly, project management teams supported by senior management and safety professionals are assigned primary accountability for managing, monitoring and the enforcement of the Moretrench safety process within their work sites.

In addition, each employee is empowered, encouraged, and has a duty to exercise their rightful place to stop the work, without fear of retribution, at any time where work poses hazards to individuals, property or the environment.

Subcontractor employees are held to the same high safety performance and accountability standards.


We believe that “Competence must be commensurate with responsibilities”. We will equip our people with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely perform their work utilizing the best technologies to track the numerous health and safety training requirements our specialized work warrants.


We believe that face to face communication is key to our program effectiveness. We achieve this through daily tailgate meetings, weekly safety meetings, supervisor meetings and special events such as an annual, company-wide, employee recognition day. Senior management and safety representatives regularly spend time with our field personnel.

Taken All Together…

Our corporate culture emphasizes personal accountability for safety, hazard recognition and control, comprehensive training, and open communication at all times among all levels. We care about our workers, the environment, and the public.

For more information about Moretrench’s safety program, please contact Blake Holton, Moretrench Safety Engineer, at (914) 423-1331 x 107.