The underground is the most complex
construction environment imaginable.


Fraser River Deep Freeze

Mining of Metro Vancouver’s new Port Mann Water Main beneath the Fraser River was well underway and the TBM was approximately 650 ft from the north bank exit shaft when an unanticipated mechanical failure occurred in the cutter head, halting mining operations.  Fast-acting liquid nitrogen ground freezing  proved to be the best solution to allow safe access for inspection and repair.


Ash Dewatering at Work

At a power station in the mid-Atlantic region, fly ash, bottom ash and boiler slag from discontinued coal-fired operations is stored in five surface impoundments, some of which date back to the mid-1950s.  Acting in compliance with current environmental regulations, the owner is moving ahead with plans to consolidate the four smaller impoundments, which are unlined, into the fifth and largest of the ponds, which will ultimately be capped.  In the first phase of the consolidation work, Moretrench was contracted by the General Contractor to dewater a 37-acre pond.

Shoehorning Drilled Shafts

The Overland Bridge Project is the largest transportation design-build in the history of Jacksonville, FL. The project includes replacement of a series of existing overpasses, widening of both I-95 and the Fuller Warren Bridge over the St. John’s River,  and replacement of an existing bridge spanning Florida East Coast (FEC) railroad tracks.  Installing the drilled shaft bridge foundations required for the project in extremely tight conditions between existing piers and adjacent to the active traffic flow was an exercise in precision, ingenuity and high-level safety awareness for Moretrench’s Orlando office.

South American Deep Freeze

When all previous efforts failed to halt soil and water ingress into a deep shaft under construction in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina,  Moretrench was called in to provide a ground freezing solution that successfully resolved the issues, allowing excavation to continue to final depth in the dry.


The Moretrench Family Celebrates “Take your Child to Work” Day

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On April 28, 2016, the Rockaway office hosted our first official “Bring Your Child to Work” day.    We had a great turnout, hosting 29 children, ranging in age from 5…

Tunneling Fundamentals, Practice and Innovations

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Register now for the Colorado School of Mines annual short course in Tunneling Fundamentals, Practice and Innovations Golden, Colorado June 20-23, 2016 “Groundwater Control: Dewatering, Ground Freezing, and Ground Improvement”…

Moretrench’s Joe Sopko Honored by Michigan State University

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Moretrench is pleased to announce that Director of Ground Freezing Joseph A. Sopko, Ph.D., P.E. has been  recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus by  the College of  Engineering, MSU.  Joe received…

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