The underground is the most complex
construction environment imaginable.


Shoehorning Drilled Shafts

The Overland Bridge Project is the largest transportation design-build in the history of Jacksonville, FL. The project includes replacement of a series of existing overpasses, widening of both I-95 and the Fuller Warren Bridge over the St. John’s River,  and replacement of an existing bridge spanning Florida East Coast (FEC) railroad tracks.  Installing the drilled shaft bridge foundations required for the project in extremely tight conditions between existing piers and adjacent to the active traffic flow was an exercise in precision, ingenuity and high-level safety awareness for Moretrench’s Orlando office.

South American Deep Freeze

When all previous efforts failed to halt soil and water ingress into a deep shaft under construction in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina,  Moretrench was called in to provide a ground freezing solution that successfully resolved the issues, allowing excavation to continue to final depth in the dry.

Up Against A Wall

Installation of rock anchors for a 50-foot high, exposed retaining wall constructed in steeply sloping terrain was the challenge facing Moretrench during reconstruction of a section of State Route 38 in northwestern Pennsylvania. A value-engineered design and anchor installation using Moretrench’s specially adapted severe-access drill rig were instrumental in the success of the project.

Stabilizing the Bridge

When foundation installation for a new bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County, FL, caused the timber foundations of the aging bridge it would replace to settle, a stabilization program was urgently needed to avoid having to close the bridge entirely until the new structure was completed.


Ground Freezing Goes Under Cover

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It seems contradictory that equipment designed to freeze the ground should itself need to be protected from the very type of conditions it creates, but Moretrench’s ground freezing plants are…

At Moretrench, the Watchword is Safety 360°

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“What’s going on around me”  was the theme for this year’s  annual Safety Day,  held on September 3rd 2015.   The company-wide event, under the overall direction of Corporate Safety Director…

Around Moretrench: When You Need It Now

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Few things demand immediate attention more than an erosion or piping condition at a dam or levee.  No matter how small initially, the condition has the potential to be catastrophic…

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