The underground is the most complex
construction environment imaginable.


Up Against A Wall

Installation of rock anchors for a 50-foot high, exposed retaining wall constructed in steeply sloping terrain was the challenge facing Moretrench during reconstruction of a section of State Route 38 in northwestern Pennsylvania. A value-engineered design and anchor installation using Moretrench’s specially adapted severe-access drill rig were instrumental in the success of the project.

Deep Shafts in Karst

Drill and blast installation of the three deep shafts through highly variable karstic conditions was the challenge facing the design and construction teams for Phase 2 of a 23,000 foot-long sewer tunnel in Columbus, OH. A specially designed pre-grouting program developed by Moretrench was key to successful excavation in the dry.

Northern Blvd Crossing

One of the most challenging elements of the MTA Capital Construction’s East Side Access Project was the Northern Boulevard Crossing, which required an SEM tunnel between two 85-foot deep access shafts that extended as deep as 55 feet below the water table. Moretrench’s approach of horizontal ground freezing in conjunction with an innovative grouting program for settlement and heave control was key to problem-free tunneling without impact to overlying structures.

Stabilizing the Bridge

When foundation installation for a new bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County, FL, caused the timber foundations of the aging bridge it would replace to settle, a stabilization program was urgently needed to avoid having to close the bridge entirely until the new structure was completed.

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